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Saturday, August 30, 2014

[Review ] Metro Redux: Visual Leap!

Metro Redux Wallpaper HD

Metro  Redux Review - HD Remaster process has become one of the formulas being loved developer and publisher today. This trend is increasingly popular after the presence of the latest generation of consoles - Playstation 4 and Xbox One on the market. Simpler development process for a product that is already finding its final form and a strong fan base certainly leaves the developer on the main task - ensuring a more perfect visual quality and up to date. Interestingly again? Despite the various criticisms that always arise whenever an HD Remaster project announcement thrown, the games are able to explode on the market, as it did with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and The Last of Us Remastered. No longer just a third person shooter game, a big FPS franchise also follow it. That's right, we were talking about the Metro.

Strong identity, strains cool story, and a fascinating visual presentation has become one of the main keys why franchise from 4A Games Metro is able to attract the attention of the masses. There's something interesting from travelogue to search for truth in a world post-apocalyptic thriller, full of a sense of desperation, which is shown by two continuous series - Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Difference "age" is quite far and the implementation of more sophisticated engines in the last series, eventually pushing 4A Games to release the game in a format that feels more unified. Everything offered by HD Remaster process that does not just inject resolution or higher framerate. A solution is referred to as the Metro Redux.

After waiting long enough, 4A Games Metro Redux finally released into the market, for the PC and next generation consoles - Playstation 4 and Xbox One, of course saja.Lantas, what he has to offer? Why do we call it as a project with visual leap? This review will discuss it in for you.

Metro Redux Without Significant Additional Content

As well as HD Remaster games that go on sale earlier, Metro Redux which is a package containing two separate games: Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux also offers no significant additional content in the story, especially considering the two games is also not inject the multiplayer mode at all. You are still going to meet with the fabric of the same story, a post-apocalyptic scenario where humans are forced to live in underground tunnels connected by railway line. While the earth that was once beautiful, now inhabited by so many deadly creatures ready to hunt and prey on those who dare to show themselves. All this traveling is done from the point of the main character - Artyom.

Since being introduced for the first time, 4A Games is making a visual overhaul as the main selling points of Metro Redux itself, with Metro 2033 as a focus. In gameplay, you will not find anything significantly different. Although it must be admitted, the implementation of the latest engine in Metro 2033 did make guns and motion control scheme that is more comfortable for the occupied. At least enough to make sure you are not dead against the Bandits just as difficult to see the position of opponents or weapons were deemed non-responsive and produce the required impact.

Interestingly again? As they had practiced in Metro Last Light first, gamers now have the opportunity to choose between two options playing style - Survival and Spartan in Metro 2033 Redux. Survival will take you to the actual experience of the Metro, where resource limitations experienced arms tight, dimaan you will be encouraged to act sefektif possible as this. While the Spartans give this game a chance to taste the flavor of a more mainstream FPS games, where the bullet will not be a significant problem. But in the end, in outline, the gameplay offered by Metro Redux is not much different than the original version of each.

One thing that is noticeably different, at least in Metro 2033 Redux, is adding some motion animation to produce a more dramatic effect than the original series. In terms of conversation, a dialogue that is injected is still present exactly the same as the original version, complete with voice existing acts. Classical problems such as the dialogue sounds collide with each other and it makes the main message does not get caught with it still feels good here.

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